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Which Latin Dance You Liked Most?

We've been asked lately to "Which Latin Dances I liked most?" (Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba, Paso or Jive) Here's what I have to say. I consider these 5 dances as "DANCE OF LOVE" or should I say - It's like a relationship. Here are reasons why… Relationships always start with a:

SAMBA - Where the woman is undecided, man chases the woman asking the word they've been wanting to hear. The magic word of "Yes". It is evident in every following and chasing actions during the dance.

CHACHA - Where a Woman is undecided if she can say "Yes" or "No". Notice the forward and backward movement made by couples doing a basic step.

In some cases, CHACHA is danced first. Like in a relationship - asking yourself “Should I go for it, or not?”
Then SAMBA - when you join hands and realize you're showing the world you love each other. It is evident in a parade type of presentations where you roam-around on a counter-clockwise movement.

RUMBA - No explanations needed. What can we say? Definitely couples are “In love!”.

PASO DOBLE - Guess what? The battle begins. Couples encounter challenges. They say it's a Matador dance presentation where the woman is the man's cape. I say, it's mis-communication between 2 lovers. It clearly shows with some pushing and forceful actions presented by the couple during the dance.

JIVE - Presenting how these couples overcome all obstacles, showing how they truly love each other. Evidently in every kicking and jumping actions. Showing they are very happy together!

The next time you ask yourself which Latin dance you liked most? Consider your partner as your one True Love!
Definitely you'll love them all... Real couples show they truly love one another when they're on the dance floor.
You’ll feel what they felt every time you watch them. No wonder most dance partnership end as a real couple. Agree?

Can you relate on this or should you find this article helpful?
feel free to let me know by leaving your comments below.. Might as well share this article and let them know!!!

Article written and published by Watazu
Copyrights Reserved - April 2016
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