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Any Samba Title you can think of?

It's been a while since we created/composed a samba track.
Needing your assistance.
Think of any Samba title for this track, you can put your idea on the comment field below.
Once chosen, You'll have the HD full track for Free!! yes, at no cost to you..
Ready? Here we go!!

any Samba Title you think of? Comment below!!!
Chosen Title got the HD track ☺☺
#dancesportWatazu #Watazu #Samba

Posted by Watazu on Sunday, August 20, 2017

The track is mostly Timbale instrument. Yell vocal was used as a transition to the next part of the song.
Drums are evidently heard as it gives the soul for the beat. should you need to think of title for this track I recommend to base it on the root of the song..ENJOY!!!

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